At addisplay™ we are dedicated to ecofriendly practices that reduce our environmental impact while providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that are efficient and durable. As a manufacturing company, it is our mission to consistently innovate and iterate our sustainability efforts to stay ahead of the curve. It is our view that by consistently, continually applying the four “R’s”: reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking that we can effect change within our organization and greater community. By implementing strategies that align with our corporate goals, we are taking steps toward a more carbon neutral future.

See below key sustainability initiatives that we continue to implement:

1. Reducing energy consumption

2. Reusing packaging and materials

3. Recycling programs and waste management

4. Rethinking every decision we make with an eye towards sustainability

Initiatives implemented from 2019 and ongoing  to reduce energy consumption

2020-2021: Completed Hydro Quebec energy reduction program, which entailed replacing all interior and exterior florescent and mercury vapor lighting to more energy efficient LED lighting throughout the plant and offices ($80K investment)

2021-ongoing: Began the process of replacing natural gas heating system furnaces to more efficient models. We are continuing this process with an end goal of complete energy efficient heating throughout the entire plant

2019-2020: Replaced windows and weather stripping on all overhead and man doors to be more energy efficient

2021: Replaced all exterior signage with solar powered LED light powered signage

2021: Installed two new electrical charging stations for employee electric vehicles in prime parking spots. (‘Free charging’ incentive for employees to think green energy, three of forty two employees have already bought electric cars)

2021-ongoing: Installed automatic motion detector dimmers throughout the plant to further reduce energy consumption

Equipment initiatives implemented in 2019-2022 to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and utilize eco-friendly ink

2020: New Latex HP 1500 roll printer, 10’ wide format, eco-friendly latex bulk system

2021: New Latex HP 800 roll printer, 5’ wide format, eco-friendly latex bulk system

2021: New AP laser 4836, precision cutter to eliminate operational waste

2019: New energy efficient Nyala SwissQ eco-friendly flat bed, LED UV, large format inkjet printer (Green guard Gold certified inks)

Packaging initiatives implemented in 2020 and ongoing to reduce and reuse

2020-ongoing: All new and recycled (used) carton boxes are plain brown craft single fluted, 100 percent recyclable. Whenever possible we purchase and repurpose used boxes

2020-ongoing: All roll packing paper is 100% recyclable brown craft paper

2019-ongoing: In-house manufacturing capability to produce specialty size craft paper boxes from carton sheet on an as needed basis

Material choice initiatives implemented in 2019 and ongoing to reduce, reuse and recycle

2019-ongoing: Replacing plastic extrusions with aluminum extrusions for longevity purposes when possible, keeping in mind that aluminum extrusions are 100% recyclable

2020-ongoing: Reduction of single use plastics with an end goal of elimination

2021-ongoing: Committed to work with recyclable packing and production materials when and where possible

Comprehensive recycling program established in 2020 and ongoing

2021-ongoing: Bins are set up in plant yard to segregate all solid wastes from recyclable materials, with regularly scheduled pick-ups

2020-2021: All pallets purchased for our shipping department are rebuilt or used pallets

Additional ongoing and future environmental initiatives:

2022: Thermopane overhead garage door to be installed in April to maximize natural lighting and reduce energy costs

2022: To further enhance our recycling program, we plan to purchase our own dual zone compactor for carton and soft plastic wrap to create our own bales for recycling cost recovery

2019-ongoing: We realized we were wasting inventory and materials due to a lack of visibility and damage. We decided to implement a rigorous inventory and storage system to eliminate wastage

2020-ongoing: We have been researching and developing ways to upcycle our fabric offcuts and used banners. We have created book bags, reusable shopping bags and duffle bags from offcuts. We are continuing to explore creative ways to use our offcuts in a variety of materials to develop new, useful products.

2021-ongoing: Last year a community garden was set up in raised beds for employees. This was a very popular initiative, so this year we are planning to expand our gardens

The key aspect of addisplay™’s sustainability initiatives are that we continuously work together with our  partners, clients, suppliers, non-profit organizations and community to rethink all aspects of our operations to improve our practices. This requires coming up with creative solutions that may require doing things differently. By working with AD and on-shoring manufacturing, our clients are operating in a more sustainable way by reducing the carbon footprint associated with off-shoring (freight, transport, packaging). To the greatest degree possible we also try to procure locally and support businesses that follow environmental regulations and standards as opposed to procuring from sources that do not have to abide by strict environmental regulations and standards.  By sourcing locally, we have faster delivery, higher quality and greater sustainability.


Montréal, Toronto, Canada