At addisplay™, we combine business acumen with experience, and manufacturing capabilities with artistic innovation.  We are creative-minded artists, builders, collaborators and logistics specialists that custom design and manufacture for International & National retail, architectural & design firms.

Our in-house production facility in Montreal, Quebec includes capabilities ranging from large format printing, CNC machining, bespoke wall & ceiling treatments, permanent instore signage, modular framing systems and more.

Our manufacturing facility houses an updated fleet of state-of-the-art large format printers,  CNC cutting tables, laser cutter along with production and warehouse capacity. As a bespoke manufacturer, we also build prototypes and provide instore testing for evaluation and production consideration. We have a proven track record of major successful projects within Canada.

With an in-house paint shop, graphics department, design capabilities for custom décor elements & build capabilities we can take on a variety of projects. Additionally, we have an in-house art studio where artists come together to paint, create and innovate.  We believe that art is the future of commercial spaces and we are investing in artists along with state-of-the-art printers and scanners to make this vision a reality.

With our Toronto office  located in Leslieville, Toronto, we have teams to manage projects and to reach clients rapidly with installation services. We can be onsite to provide support and installation services for individual stores including national rollouts.

We work in collaboration with select clients and partners to create unique experiential environments. Our goal is to co-create and provide ‘best in class’ value engineered commercial, office & retail environments that build & reinforce brand awareness. As material specialists, we provide cost-effective innovative concepts and solutions that include new materials and latest industry trends.

We work closely with clients, providing opportunities for co-creation with our dedicated team members, assuring confidentiality and ultimately achieving success with their projects on time and within budget. “Together we bring ideas to life.”

Safety Solution COVID-19

We are currently joining in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by producing the following safety solutions:

  • Face Shields
  • Protective Guards
  • Physical and Social Distancing Dots
  • Sanitizer Stations
  • Directional and Communication Signage
  • Intubation Shields


Creativity, dedication, innovation, hard work and unparalleled customer care.


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Our teams will ensure that they give you the best – at all times – and on time.

Montréal, Toronto, Canada