Armodilo Tablet Display Official Distributor

Originally launched as the Armodilo(ex), the Armodilo 3-in-1 is our original multi-purpose digital signage solution, and the world’s most versatile iPad and tablet display stand. Designed to be highly versatile, lightweight and rugged, the 3-in-1 works as a free-standing, desktop or wall-mounted tablet display that is easy to set up or pack away, providing a world-class trade show and event kiosk experience.

With its fully-enclosed ABS plastic tablet housing, fully-integrated cable routing system for a cable-free look, Wi-Fi signal transparency, and the ability to be set up in either landscape or portrait mode, it’s no surprise that the Original 3-in-1 Tablet Enclosure won the coveted EXHIBITOR Buyers Choice award in 2012 for its build quality and unmistakable beauty.

  • Durable lightweight aluminum (only 12lbs) for easy transportation
  • Multi-tablet capability using our Tablet Fit Kit™ system.
  • ArmoLock™ security screws.
  • Set up in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Fully integrated cable routing for a cable-free look.
  • Quick Connect port for quick wiring or added security.
Montréal, Toronto, Canada